Infant Oral Health, Starting Before Birth

Saturday, Mar 31,2018

I will be expecting my first child this fall and as a dentist I know that infant oral health starts before birth.

As a relatively new Milton resident hailing from Texas, I’m enjoying getting to know this special community. In and out of the office I’ve noticed the plethora of young families and expectant mothers and I want them to be aware of the importance of infant oral health.

With babies on the brain, I would like to share my dental knowledge to help expectant mothers care for themselves and their growing families. Like overall general health, our dental health impacts our unborn babies.

Many expectant mothers report gum soreness or bleeding, often due to pregnancy gingivitis (gum disease). Hormonal changes exaggerate the way the gums react to plaque buildup, causing inflammation, bleeding, puffiness, and soreness. To prevent and treat gum disease, schedule professional dental cleanings. We can also recommend how to improve your homecare to maintain good oral health.

I often have patients tell me “I got my mother’s bad teeth,” or “Everyone in my family has soft teeth.” This common misconception makes people feel helpless in fighting tooth decay! Actually, except for certain rare abnormalities, risk for tooth decay is not genetically inherited. You can lower your child’s risk of getting cavities, and it starts with treating yourself.

Mothers and caretakers unknowingly transmit their dental bacteria to children impacting their infant’s oral health. Caretakers with healthy mouths have less cavity-producing germs to pass on and their children are at a lower risk for cavities. A dental exam before baby’s arrival is recommended for all caretakers. We can diagnose cavities and discuss solutions to improve dental health.

Rest assured visiting the dentist is safe during pregnancy. We can diagnose and treat gum disease, tooth decay, and other issues that affect mother and unborn child.


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