Scared Of The Dentist? We Can Help

Saturday, Mar 31,2018

If you suffer from a fear of the dentist or dentist anxiety, Mill Ridge Family Dental Care can help. Dental fear is incredibly common and no patient suffering from it should feel alone. The reality is that a large segment of the population admits to feeling scared of the dentist and consequently delays or even avoids regular dental work. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious dental health problems.

At Mill Ridge Family Dental Care, we specialize in helping patients overcome their fear of dentists and dental treatment. We provide a range of techniques and practices including sleep dentistry to ensure that every patient receives quality care in a stress-free environment. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Joyce Levitt, D.D.S. is a recognized leader in the assessment and treatment of dental fear and anxiety.

Mill Ridge Family Dental Care understands the realities of dental anxiety and the stress that can accompany a dental appointment. Dr. Levitt has completed a Master’s degree in cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy focusing on dental anxiety and our practice is equipped to address and alleviate the underlying causes of dental anxiety.

Following a thorough assessment of your dental anxiety; solutions are identified that address your individual needs. Sleep dentistry is one of the many possible solutions to an individuals specific dental and anxiety needs Over the years, our proven methods have helped many patients with a paralyzing fear of dentists recapture their healthy smiles in comfort.


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