Shark Teeth

Saturday, Mar 31,2018

About Shark Teeth. Losing the first baby tooth can be an exciting milestone! Many children & their parents start checking for that first wiggly tooth, one of the front lowers, at age 5 or 6. What they don’t expect to see is a double row of teeth, or “shark teeth!”

Shark Teeth occurs when the permanent tooth and the baby tooth are present at the same time, one behind the other. Normally a permanent tooth pushes on the baby tooth as it develops under the gum. The baby tooth root dissolves, becomes wiggly, eventually falling out. Then the permanent tooth emerges in its place. With shark teeth, the baby tooth root does not dissolve quickly enough and the permanent tooth emerges behind it.

What to do about shark teeth? The important thing is to check that the baby tooth is wiggly. Encourage the child to help wiggle the tooth using clean fingers and by eating hard, crunchy foods like apples and carrots. In most cases, the baby tooth is lost naturally! The permanent tooth behind it can move into place assisted by the natural motion of the tongue.

If the baby tooth is not wiggly at all, or does not become progressively wigglier over the course of several weeks, contact us for an exam. In some cases, the permanent tooth is not in a position to dissolve the baby tooth root and must be removed by the dentist.

Losing teeth and getting new ones can look interesting. If something looks concerning, or your child is complaining of unusual discomfort, please contact us about what to do about shark teeth.


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